[About the voice request.]For those of you who don’t know Japanese, please.


For those who do not understand Japanese.

I can only speak Japanese.
If you speak a language other than Japanese, or if you are not good at correct Japanese, it will take time to respond, so an additional 30% will be charged.

●Required when requesting it.

・Details of the request (age limit, genre and details)

・Recording method (with or without editing, voice cutting or numbering)

・Outline of the character (age, personality, appearance, etc.)

・Completed manuscript

If there is more than one character,
  A manuscript with only the number of word count and seconds of my character.

・Separate files for each line?

・Can you include the name of the voice actor in your work?
  If so, where will they be listed?

・Delivery time.

・Where to sell.

・I would like a URL that shows your activities.

●It’s even better if you have it.

・Illustrations of characters